Tuesday 28 September 2010

Of business and blogging

A few months ago I signed up for Area 51 Satck Exchange for GIS, and it has impressive statistics indeed. Soon after, however, short holidays then family emergencies and continuing oilelefant meant that I hardly participated at all. Nor have I blogged much this month, and that situation will continue... And I missed today's AGI w3g!

As a startup I spent a year helping technical aspects and marketing materials - most notably a Live Trial - and talking at Finding Petroleum and PPDM in London. This fall I will attend more Finding Petroleum and PETEX, but as a listener now. The stage is set for oilelefant technical and marketing, now it's time for sales and market penetration. To echo my previous post, the bottom line after all is: show me the money.

I was however given a boost today, when Teach Street invited me as a feature blogger to post their link to the right. The universe moves in mysterious ways so let me leave you with Bob Marley...

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