Tuesday 5 October 2010

Trending oilelefant.com, part V

Quarterly traffic figures to oilelefant.com show a pickup after the traditional summer lull. Of interest is the increase mostly due to visits outside my blog-twitter-web trio in slide 4 below. While next quarter may give us more details on this trend, it does suggest that readership is spreading across the web. Is this a new form of syndication that occurs naturally, like plants seeded in a garden without the garderner's intervention? If this is a form of crowdsourcing, then the twitter logo may be serendipitous... as birds are a main carrying agent of garden volunteers!

In any case, below are the details of monthly web traffic figures, updating my previous post on same. Slides 8-10 show the web stats over the short and long term and across themes.
The beauty of the web is that it is emminently measurable: that is a key performance indicator, often hard to gather up and thus often overlooked.

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