Sunday 5 December 2010

An excellent GIS repository

This summer I followed the ESRI User conference via twitter, which put me onto their excellent video resource page. That was great as it has not been easy, even after 25 years, to tell friends and family what I “spend just all hours of the day and days of the seasons and years”. That sound bite is from this video, which I found the best intro for “the rest of the world”.

I'm now helping Kuwait cover anything from drilling through the environment to infrastructure, so the following videos were just “it”. How true then, that their GIS manager and Special Achievement in GIS award winner quipped: “ESRI's annual user conference in San Diego was the best place to pick up new ideas from the broader community”.

And delving into more details and opportunities, who better to turn to than Clint Brown, Director of Software Products, whose paper was kindly posted by Jim Barry on Slideshare?

That in turn inspired me to post my old website's ROI page, which links to ESRI page on Busineess Benefits of ROI, c/o PA Consulting Group:

click on image to go to webpage

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