Saturday 19 March 2011

Another Take on Climate Change, Part III

[Update: Part IV, more on mapping earth gravity]

The time-space map I looked for in Part II is on among many others for certes! Note on the map below that the oceanic trenches indeed lie slightly outboard of the Pacific plate boundaries: as suggested earlier the epicenters are at the prow of the major bend in said boundaries; the shift in landmass, however, renders that link even more graphical.

click on picture to go to map

This only hints at the human tragedy as it unfolded on NHK World and many other news media - I found two of my four friends in Japan near Tokyo, tho the other two are in Kobe and Nagoya well away from immediate impact - but life was hard in Tokyo without water and electricity this week.

Note also that one of my daughter's teachers from Japan last year was delayed from his wedding by another oceanic plate calamity? The Eyjafjallajökull eruption started a year ago tomorrow and the ash cloud delayed his return flight to England over the North Atlantic!

Update 20 March: here's yet another social map by my friend at Texas Tech:

click on picture to go to map

Update 22 March: I found all four of my friends in Japan are OK.

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