Saturday 12 November 2011

Simple reservoir depletion modelling, part III

This is to show on the web or with a free desktop GIS the results of the previous two postings. The free data-set from Teapot Dome is a great opportunity to display 3D petro-data in Esri. As the previous posting suggested, data were upgraded to Esri 3D Analyst ArcGlobe here.
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ArcGlobe is more rigorous in handling projections - in ArcMap or 3D Analysts' ArcScene, even Spatial Analyst's Model Builder, not fully specified projections may give an error message but will still post - not so in ArcGlobe, which in turn allows it to be posted in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop.

[Moved a more complete treatment of ArcGIS Explorer to next week's blog]

The z-aware oil well shape files shows the shallow, medium and deep colour-coding. The swipe tool also allows to show the top 2WCS and bottom Tensleep target geological formations. The reservoir model is far more detailed and is an opaque surface at that scale, but zooming in allows to see the detailed simple flow model discussed in the previous post.

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Watch next week for another installment on this series. Franco-Belgian comicsbandes dessinées were cartoon serials that ended with: to follow,  À suivre... 

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