Tuesday 11 February 2014

Maps are forever (Part III)

My first post on this theme traced beautiful medieval maps from the British library in London to the Harvard Libray online, to land on a 1610 beauty.

Click image to enlarge

My second post zeroed in on my village neighborhood right at the central map crease, a third of the way up the map above, commenting on differing populated areas and how they changed over 400 years. A comment by  Harvard Librarian pointed out this map was georeferenced and a year later I posted it on my own website in addition to other East Anglia geo-history data and web mapping services.

click image to enlarge

Go to my new map blog to read more about it this latest addition to my growing catalog of web maps.
This post is dedicated to Roger Tomlinson who passed on last weekend, almost 50 years after his seminal work (photo c/o Directions Magazine).

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