Sunday 27 July 2014

From static to dynamic maps, continued

Last month I reported on posting on some time-stamped, time-slider or time-aware maps - I showed my WhereIsAndrew map - I also mentioned how time-sliders are a great way to roll-up diverse datasets that are time dependent. CLIWOC Captain's ships logs was the other example cited, and I proceeded to post it as a service from ArcMap on

Due to the large number of points I had to first circumvent the 1000 point limit un - it's mostly to maintain browser and server performance - it's quite easy to change when you publish the service from ArcMap. I was warned however by Esri support that I might reach performance issues regardless, and mega-datasets are really meant to be on ArcGIS Server not on ArcGIS Online. Sure enough even if I filter the data to a single nationality, the time slider cycles through time frames faster that the browser can refresh them from ArcGIS Online.

clkck image to enlarge or go direct to webmap

 So until I or Mapcentia mentioned last month add time-stamping capabilty on their postGIS backends, we're left with either loading data on servers ourselves, or posting data in time-slices, or posting layer packages as I've done earlier. QGIS also has time-stamping added now programmatically according to Anita Graser @underdarkGIS, tho I'm not sure how that translates server-side per Jo Cook's @archaeogeek caveat.

So better let the heavy pulling to some, while the light speeds gallop on...

(heavy-horse pulling and chuck-wagon racing from 2014 Calgary Stampede)

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