Sunday 10 May 2015

Wikimedia European History Map over almost 2500 years

[Update: Posted a "how-to" on the companion  map blog for longer pieces, enjoy...]

Stumbled across this really cool Wikimedia Atlas of European maps. Downloaded the images that seem to come from one Atlas, or are similarly styled and in Lambert Conformable Conical projection. I rubber sheeted them in Esri ArcMap and composited each map sheet in YouTube - if you squint you'll see the four red dots I used as projection reference.

Posted the data on ShareGeo (shapes and geoTIFF) and (layer package) if you want to look them up yourseld - (c) all expired so you're free to do with as you wish.

I posed two questions on Esri's support site, Geonet, if anyone knew how to do these:

  • post a doz. or so image tiles in AGOL directly, I tried posting images but failed
  • time-stamp geo-images by hand, so we can use time-awareness to play it forward
Enjoy... and stay tuned!

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