Friday 16 December 2016

A duet of petroleum shows in London

AGI GeoComm16

➤ Following a trio of  shows, geospatial and petroleum pointing to the future of geo-IT, I presented at PETEX2016 last month and attended PROSPEX2016 this week. PETEX is the premier NW Europe petroleum show, that had novel sessions in the Future Working Zone  and Consultant's corner, aside from the main speaking and poster sessions. As its name implies PROSPEX is a 'prospectors & developers' show with a little help from vendors and regulators, as described in OilVoice.

PETEX2016 at London ExCel Show and Exhibition complex

➤ PETEX is held every two years in the fall a ExCel London, a cavernous exhibition ground in London's Thames estuarine area opposite its City airport and not far from the Thames Barrier. It was well attended at only 20% off organiser PESGB's attendance pace, which is excellent considering the economic climate. I presented at Future Working Zone on the hot topic of business transformation via digitization in the so-called Third Wave of internet distribution and dissemination..

➤ PROSPEX is held every year-end, just as budgets are being set up for next year by operators and investors. As described in OilVoice, this show assembles the four components of a successful resource industry:
  • operators who have plans to further find and develop oil resources
  • investors who look to supplementing the significant outlay for that
  • vendors who help tackle more and more challenging environments
  • regulators who give out permits and also help via taxation regimes

PESGB PROSPEX 2015 Show reel from PESGB on Vimeo.

This is a smaller and more focused show - about half the size of PETEX - but also only 20% off its pace: that suggests as I conclude in OilVoice that "rumours of [oil idustry] death are an exaggeration", apologies to Mark Twain.

PROSPEX2016 at London Business Design Centre

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