Thursday 9 February 2017

New Medium Channel

In the right hand margin my buttons have changed. One links to my LinkedIn Pulse:

Also last November I started a Medium channel of professional of professional posts:

This is part of an on-going evolution of my online presence:
  1. 1986 pre-web HTTP site
  2. 1996 original website
  3. 2006 current incarnation
  4. 2009 this blog you're reading
  5. 2009 twitter posts
  6. 2010 Slideshare posts for me
  7. and slideshare for
  8. 2014 a map blog of longer posts
  9. and LinkedIn Pulse posts above
  10. Digital Energy Journal and PPDM articles
The reason I do this, is because web aggregators I used in the past have gone, so that I can no longer loop-the-loop of post / broadcast / aggregate as presented before... The web is an ever-evolving scene!

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