Friday 1 May 2020

Coronavirus daily update - Part III

Update: see further updates at higher granularity geography in a later post
Also ONS numbers updated weekly maintain the difference with NHSx below]

Following on Part II adding local data for East of England, let's add weekly deaths (two weeks out of date) from ONS here and here, including counts outside of daily hospital deaths (two days out of date) from NHSx. Here is a graph of the raw data collected from both sources, since end-January onset of the pandemic in the UK.

30 June update
Note the difference in death counts trending toward 20% below. That helps me report total England deaths in the dashboard at bottom, by adding that fortnightly percent to NHSx daily numbers.

30 June update

These have been debated in the press and are subject of a notice on the NHSx site. This can be seen with the jump in death counts on the right hand end of the top graph.

Here is also ONS' interesting context diagram:

Our aim is to go back to source & verify reported data from media.
Watch daily updates to this dashboard, in particular graph combos and details panel: 25 June update, looks vary with device*

*: any issues with the mnemonic link above? Try one of these! Mobiletablet or desktop.
Data will be added as found &/or made available: the goal is Parish-level data to mash up with our climate change maps. 

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