Wednesday 29 April 2020

Coronavirus time-enabled maps - Part II

Following on the initial post, this is a presentation live-streamed on YouTube below - thanks Daniel P. Hoffman for organising How to do Map Stuff yesterday! - liner notes are below that, ten-slide intro and step-by-step after that. Note that while data are open and the process can be done on any platform, the coxcomb symbology (slide 21) is ArcGIS Pro, tho someone may redo it elsewhere?

Although I seem to live on Zoom thru the pandemic lockdown, this was my first live-stream - Daniel gave an excellent how-to should you have a yen for it - while I managed to switch between map, browser and spreadsheet, I kept it simple with no picture-in-picture to show me etc., next time...
Here is what it look like during and after, respectively, thanks everyone for attending! 
click to enlarge

click to enlarge

The best part, however, were the comments and interactions during live chat... and the enthusiasm in the GI community is palpable! And that's not to mention comments, follow the hashtags #mapstuff or #HtdMS. This was my favorite:

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