Friday 28 July 2023

A tale of two maps, Part 2

A tale of two maps on my personal Medium channel (here) was the start of a series Speaking truth to power, to challenge prevailing myths in current affairs (end-of-series full index here).The undeniable truth of carbon emissions is illustrated by CO2 emissions by country and by CO2 emissions over time as well as Other fuels emissions. 

Note: it includes the famous exponential historic Total Carbon emissions (above) and also Carbon emissions reloaded earlier in this blog (here).

Google My Map 1

Now let's see maps created not on Esri platform as above but on Google My Maps. It's a very simple way to create simple maps using data tables of points (1) or entering then by hand (2).

The default map shows the distribution of a WhatsApp Group of friends following my travels and travails. Unselect WhatsApp Group and select Where was Andrew? will restore an old Google Map that is no longer supported: it shows where I've lived color-coded by decade. Unselect that and select Family to see where my sibs and cuz are.

Note: see an update in this Story Map (here), & an animation on YouTube (here). 

Google My Map 2

 I recently was asked to help find bitcoin ATMs, for a friend to send money in that alternate currency. I knew this country wasn't a haven for such ATMs, and I soon found out it's gettign worse. Two that I used before in Bedford and N London are gone, and four I looked for in E London are also gone. That leaves one in NW London and two in the Midlands that may/not be there. Possibly 3 out of nine is not  good either in absolute or in relative terms.

This map shows available ATMs and my travels: I located  two working ones earlier on  (B & D), and  found three not avaialble recently (F - H). Note that I took public transport, but Google My Maps only offers Drive, Cycle and Walk. By road, the first two-way trip was 2 hr. / 130 km. / 80 mi., and the second 3 hr. / 190 km. / 120 mi. ... but public transport easily doubled that!

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