Monday 26 February 2024

"AI for the rest of us", Part III

Update: follow on Part IV.

 Part II (here) showed a small but significant use of AI in preparing our Prospectus (link in that post). Let's look at how we're taking this further now.

The Spectator did a great state-of-the-AI here, including basically what we did above on steroids. They also highlighted Google Gemini, Bard's successor we signed up for. We also joined Wikimedia UK in open data space.

To recap, our purpose is to help aggregate CPCA  (Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, here) Parishes information - using their Insights Open Data Portal (here and below) -  to help create websites for each in aid of their outreach efforts, say, in Spacial Prescribing (here). Counting 260 settlements (here), to do it one-by-one might not be optimal, so we're also looking to automate content creation. 

Full size Parish map here

Asditional next steps are to integrate Open Street Maps (here) combined with Wikimedia UK, where we plan to these Parish site links as seen in the Prospectus. Stay tuned...

If you have any comments on the Prospectus, please reach out to us by selecting Comments below... and thank you in advance!

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