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Saturday 20 January 2024

Community engagement and social prescribing

 This follows an update on this blog here.

We recently rebranded to the domain name is acquired but page not done yet finished; we have a prospectus as an evergreen document, meaning ever evolving.

Our community involvement over 5 years in March is one object of this blog starting  here (follow the links) and listed here. We engaged with various community interest  parties at the impact of climate change then the pandemic on social isolation in East Anglia.

Central UK sea level rise model up to 12 m ~ 2150AD (here & here)

We collected significant public resources on Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority. We are blessed for example with Cambridge Insight (link) open data portal. We are also part of Wikimedia UK (link) in the realm of open data.

All of the above lead us to social prescribing (link).  "Social prescribing connects people to non-medical support to address these issues and other unmet needs" (website intro). The advent of AI also led to the exploring it hands on (here and work backward) and post about its social framework on Medium (same here).

 In a nutshell we are here to help NHS match surgeries distribution to population growth. We propose using AI to match up publicly available data across 270 settlements in CPCA (link & Wikipedia). This is not something that can easily be done by hand... even if we collected significant amounts of public info already!

Stay tuned for further developments here.