Sunday 4 October 2009

Time, place and social networks

Last week saw the feverish conclusion of the award of the 2016 Olympic host city. One key factor reported by the Guardian was the following (numbers appear to be from summer and winter Olympics):

In a stark reminder of the historical geographic imbalance, the Rio bid team, led by former Olympian Carlos Nuzman, displayed a map showing the locations of previous games.

Europe had 30 dots on the map, Asia five, Oceania two and North America 12, including eight in the US.

This screenshot of a quick webmap of the summer Olympics host cities gleaned from the official site, shows that distribution of host cities:

Google reports the search statistics for that event in percentages. The live IOC broadcast of the Copenhagen meeting where the decision was announced, reported 1 billion TV viewers. Techcrunch reports about the same number of internet users worldwide. However one assingns absolute figures to such percentages, it certainly set the social networking world alight as reported by, say, Mashable.

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