Wednesday 14 October 2009

What's in a name or an acronym?

A quick lunchtime post of multiple meanings recently seen:

Be Inspired = Bentley's current symposium in N Carolina
B-Inspired = ESRI(Ireland) INSPIRE information site

ESRI = Earth Sciences and Resource Institute in S Carolina
ESRI = Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland
ESRI = Environmetal Sciences Research Institute in California

IOC = Indian Oil Corporation
IOC = Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IOC = InterOil Corporation
IOC = international oil company
IOC = International Olympic Committee
IOC = Inversion of Control
IOC = Iron Ore Company of Canada

Longitudinal survey = long-term survey at and elsewhere
Longitude survey = grid conversion in US, UK and elsewhere

Please feel free to post any others you saw under: Comments.

Trilingual logo on a wagon of the Swiss railway federation
(released under WikiMedia Commons)

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