Friday 2 April 2010

No such thing as a free lunch, part II

Addendum: Steven Feldman just posted an great summary on this.

Correction from
Ed Parsons blog, thanks Ed:
I have had a couple of questions about how the free OS data is licensed, here is the license which as you can see is basically a creative commons attribution license.

This confirms there are no derived data issues.

Written and submitted from the Where 2.0 Conference (37.331N, 121.888W)

In addition to Mapperz' details, this from
There's a copy of most of the data here

And from Guardian DataBlog, a good question:
So, we've asked for this. What can you do with it?

Ordnance Survey Community Developer Manager Dee Davis answers:
go to their website

or twitter @OSOpenData_Svc for data and service updates

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