Saturday, 1 May 2010

Historic Fenlands Mashup

[See updates at bottom]
Here is a mashup on of the geographic history of land cover and surface geology of East Anglia since Domesday based on:

  • selected land cover from H.C. Darby's publications on the Middle Ages and later
  • administrative and geographic boundaries from UK Ordnance Survey OpenData
  • surficial and offshore geology from British Geological Survey web mapping services
  • and global coastline for a lightweight frame of reference from US NGDC GSHHS
Below is a dynamic quick view of the 1332 Assessment, counties and geology explained here and here - also posted here with Google and Open Sreet Map underlays. In the public domain or with specific rights, data are posted under Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Full metadata are posted here, showing the detailed attribute data.

I share on the free view map with all layers, legend and attibution. Their distinction is posting vector data with GIS functionality on full view maps: Original shape files are uploaded in PostGIS for full vector GIS function, and WMS rasters post in original British National Grid.
Notice on both maps how zooming in and out preserves the features: are you aware of another vector web GIS today?

[08May2010 additions:
  • put in a lot of work to allow this mashup, originally in stock WGS84, to be posted in the Ordnance Surgey's British National Grid projection - thanks Dino for this
  • after visiting Cambridge University's S. Oosthuizen, population density data were provided by J. Bowring and added it to the giscloud map and the metadata file - thanks all for this]
04Apr2011 addition:
  • posted derived data and metadata on the UK academic ShareGeo Open website
  • posted on Open Up Government site here  and here
16 July2011 addition:
  • posted on Map Data Mash-ups Gallery here (page down to Historic Fenlands Mashup)
  • last but not least posted on here to view with Esri software]
20 March 2012 addition:
  • used this data to help test Socium's online validation, see Slashgeo note
  • also did a two-part blog post on same here and here

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