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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Historic Fenlands Mashup

[See updates at bottom, and predecessors Medieval Fenlands GIS and Post-medieval Fenlands GIS]

Here is a mashup on giscloud.com of the geographic history of land cover and surface geology of East Anglia since Domesday based on:

  • selected land cover from H.C. Darby's publications on the Middle Ages and later
  • administrative and geographic boundaries from UK Ordnance Survey OpenData
  • surficial and offshore geology from British Geological Survey web mapping services
  • and global coastline for a lightweight frame of reference from US NGDC GSHHS
Below is a dynamic quick view of the 1332 Assessment, counties and geology explained here and here - also posted here with Google and Open Sreet Map underlays. In the public domain or with specific rights, data are posted under Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Licence. Full metadata are posted here, showing the detailed attribute data.

I share on giscloud.com the free view map with all layers, legend and attribution. Their distinction is posting vector data with GIS functionality on full view maps: Original shape files are uploaded in PostGIS for full vector GIS function, and WMS rasters post in original British National Grid.

[ 08May2010 additions:
  • giscloud.com put in a lot of work to allow this mashup, originally in stock WGS84, to be posted in the Ordnance Survey's British National Grid projection - thanks Dino for this
  • after visiting Cambridge University's S. Oosthuizen, population density data were provided by J. Bowring and added it to the giscloud map and the metadata file - thanks all for this]
04Apr2011 addition:
  • posted derived data and metadata on the UK academic Share Geo Open, now defunct
  • posted on data.gov.uk Open Up Government site, also now defunct
16 July2011 addition:
  • posted on bgs.gov.uk Map Data Mash-ups Gallery here (page down to Historic Fenlands Mashup)
  • last but not least posted on arcgis.com here to view with Esri software]
20 March 2012 addition:
  • used this data to help test Socium's online validation, see Slashgeo note
  • also did a two-part blog post on same here and here
21 April 2017 addition: 
  • Share Geo Open was successfully transferred to Edinburgh Data Share website
  • data.gov.uk Open Up Government is gone