Friday 29 October 2010

Another look at SAGE

Syndication, AGgregation and Entitlement were discussed here earlier. Now look at my internet presence here:

  • I syndicate a presentations and papers posted on Slideshare
  • I aggregate it by drawing various parts together on my blog
  • entitlement is here the readership I push to my work website
And I have some statisitics to show that: Interesting parallels emerge from over a year of statistics from my twitter, as well as slideshare and oilelefant traffic (also seen here).

click on images to enlarge

Lining them up support the assertion in my talks last January, that blogs fed to twitter via RSS push traffic to, as shown in the web 1-2-3 side-banner diagram.

click on image to enlarge

Note two new facets, as the word starts getting out:
  • traffic to was driven this fall from sites different from previously
    - that is what I called the blog spread to the right, to signify other reader source
  • slideshare readership spiked when an article was posted to my Linkedin groups
    - described in my previous post, not because of blogging reduced a bit this fall

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