Monday 11 October 2010

Trending London petroleum shows

Compiling petroleum shows I attended in London in the last five years, from small data management under 100 attendees to international geoscience over 2000, shows a few things:

  • operating companies will attend shows more targeted at their operations
  • vendors will dominate due to their interest, and technologies they offer
  • 'others' (agencies, institutions and media) reflect generally smaller numbers
I've helped data standards committees since 1986, and organised shows at CSPG Continuing Education before 1995 and at ESRI Petroleum Marketing before 2006, all in America - briefly, vendors bankroll shows that operators and agencies attend to see the state-of-play in geosciences and technology - and garnering operators' participation has never been easy:
  • PROSPEX stands out with vendors and operators even at under half the attendees each, because it is a 'show&tell' of petroleum prospects and the exhibition is not the focus
  • in traditional shows such as PESGB's very large PETEX and very targeted Data Management, vendors have around/over half the attendees and operators under a third
  • the new FindingPetroleum local to London has the widest spread of attendees: vendors around half and operators a third, and 'others' a larger slice due to the central location

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