Saturday 20 August 2011

2nd anniversary blog

[30 Sept. udate: I posted my Google Page Rank to the right: its jump from 2 on my website to 4 here is a further indication of how dynamic social media improve over static web. I also wrote on further social media dynamics I used in last year.]

Hard to believe a year's gone by since my first anniversary blog! I compiled a few stats and posted them on Google Docs, here they are. NOTE: I don't have data where a premium is charged for it.

I use Facebook for friends and family, and blog and Linkedin for work. All are locked down to connections only and no apps for net security and ID protection. In fact I send (not) For Dummies Cheat Sheets links for Facebook and Linkedin if anyone asks, and quite a few did.
[PS: that line is blurring - former colleagues stay in touch on FB, and I just joined an Esri FB group - all scattered worldwide like friends and family.]
A few interesting points arise here:
  • while postings tracked alike for my blog and Facebook, I twitterered a lot last year as part of my marketing toolkit in London, and dropped off this year as I focussed on the first two in Kuwait
  • while Facebook and twitter followers tracked too, LinkedIn following was slow building when under 100, but after that it really ramped up making ever better suggestions working back in time - past the US into Canada to my graduating friends in fact!
  • pageviews is the most interesting:
    • my webpage never took off, as I know now that it preceded my social network activities, in other words my website sat in a void (listing on various web search engines as they came and went - who remembers Altavista and Lycos? - never helped as I was out of the mainstream of what netizens look for, but I learned a lot about how search engines work over the years in chasing them...)
    • last year's venture's website tailed off after a good start, further illustrating the challenge in websphere (else I'd still be with ;-] )
    • both my blog and SlideShare really ramp up and show how well those media work given:
      a) the content that's relevant to the audience, and
      b) pushing it out to said audience via twitter, Linkedin, bloggers (thanks James Fee, Ed Parsons and lately Esri) and aggregators like (see banner text atop this page)
    • search engines are an order of magnitude below the rest (see 1st point), and thus kick up rogue entries like my post on Roundabouts that hang on oddly in popularity (tiny samples will skew stats, or they may also be misposted by, see last point)
Speaking of stats, not mine above, here they are on Google Docs again:

A few interesting points arise too:
  • my audience is north America and Europe centric, with a recent rise in Kuwait and China (not sure why China, see maps above)
  • not surprisingly among browsers Explorer is 46%, and Firefox and Chrome 42% (not shown above)
  • likewise for OSes Windows is 85%, Mac and Linux 10%, and mobile devices 5%
One last point in closing is the disparity with the tracking globe in the right-hand margin: my stats are copy&paste straight from my stats page; yet I also know from followers and respondents that I have Latin American, Eastern European, African and South Asian viewers not tallied. NOTE: these have been posted yesterday as a known issue, stay tuned.
[PS: Blogger blog says its fixed, but my rogue popular post went away then reappeared, and geographic distribution doesn't seem to have changed.]

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