Friday 26 August 2011

New look and banner maps

You will have noticed that the banner picture is now a dynamic map... The monsoon season has passed and the hurricane season is starting: So let's augment the previous image of dust cover with NOAA's wind speed map too, shall we? You can zoon in&out or pan across the banner too! And you may have to "wait a sec" for the display to refresh. But I simply used the "embed" feature of ArcGIS Explorer maps, available from other packages too, and reformatted the entire banner to accommodate that.

I tried to add other services, like Exprodat's cool North Sea compilation map of free data. ArcGIS Explorer (AGX) accepts other web mapping services (WMS) layers, and not AGX maps per se. So I also added the European Geologic Map as an OGC WMS. Esri's Bern Szukalski very kindly clarified that AGX maps cannot be mashed up and WMS layers can. Web maps are also works in progress, that are continually improved. And on the web theyget dynamically updated as soon as they improve... So come back often!
And to close on a humoristic note, here he is explaining this to me...

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