Saturday, 13 August 2011

Even more beautiful maps in current affairs

I'm baaack! Here is the web mapping service directly in ArcGIS Explorer (AGX). This was posted two weeks ago as a layer package on I wondered then why AGX would not accept OGC WMS services? While I was away ESRI Support responded with two caveats:

  • post the WMS as an entry in so that AGX can see it (#2 in the Esri support thread posted here)
  • post it as a service in the right projection so that AGX can post it (#4 in the Esri support thread posted here)

So here are finally the stacked web services, as we should be able to mashup directly:

ESRI Support also said in #4 above that they're continually improving WMS rendering. Stay tuned for more local services I will add for the Middle East to further create nice web maps!