Sunday 29 January 2012

Multi-modal maps R us, part II

Last week I reported Google Maps' released of multimodal transportation mapping in the greater London UK area (GLA). I mused that this rendition was more visually appealing that Transport for London's website. The 'granddaddy' for train and tube in London extended beyond GLA to be used from larger surrounding centres - I myself used it regularly from Cambridge an hour train to the north.

click image to enlarge
Not to be outdone, TfL released a brilliant road congestion mapper under Roads Live Travel News, also based on Google Maps! It shows live traffic updates, has a "Use my Location" button and it works as well on my iPad - so surely it's fit for mobile use though I see no mention on their website - perhaps they don't encourage its use, and the moniker you hear on radio show traffic call-ins applies here: "if it is safe and legal to do so..."

So again I couldn't resist reporting this somewhat peripheral topic to what I normally cover, but hey, it's my blog-gage and I'll write if I wa-nt to...

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