Friday 20 January 2012

Multi-modal maps R us

Google multi-modal maps are so significant to greater London Area commuters that I cannot pass it up. Ed Parsons posted it on his blog and I immediately tried it: it's just the ticket (pun intended) living near Cambridge about an hour north of London and travelling around London only by public transit.

As I used that map before, I had to clear the cache to have the new mode show up! Also 15 min. on my scooter to nearby Waterbeach station saves me 45 min. bus ride to Cambridge station... plus boarding one station north of Cambridge assures me a seat in rush hour!
click on image to enlarge
Before I went to the otherwise excellent website for timetables. It's also multi-modal with:
  • spot maps even dynamic map wizard
  • key: public transit disruption notices 
but it doesn't:
  • allow to enter a complete address only a postcode
  • show visually when and where to go at what time
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Also it shows an hour difference, so there's only one way to find out... But what can I say? That simply isn't as visually appealing!

And as I've been "Pottered" by my daughter, take it away Ernie...

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