Wednesday 18 December 2019

Village Voice

Local Community Engagement 123456789 & 10

[Update: Part 11 adds flood risks to coastal inundation and temperature regime models]

An Elevator Pitch posted before showed the village focus and work with local councils. Here is a report from Cottenham Parish Council on the Cottenham Neighborhood Plan in the context of South Cambs. County Council consultation:

The "referendum version" of the plan:
  • increases the protection offered to parts of our landscape, heritage assets, village character – from alterations and extensions to new build, and various green spaces around the village
  • extends the village's development framework to acknowledge recent planning permissions, sets out some design criteria for the large sites and identifies several brownfield sites for housing
  • sets out the need for a new Medical Centre, Village Hall, Nursery and Supermarket alongside better sports facilities and extensions to the burial grounds
  •  identifies some opportunities for increased employment both in and beyond the village boundary.
This ties in very well as a guideline for our future village engagement project. The story continues...

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