Tuesday 21 April 2020

Listen to the Scientists - Part II

[ Update: a later post shows another outreach tool, a poster depicting sea level rise scenarios ]

Part I showed web maps of London and East Anglia under 0.5, 2 and 6 m. sea level rise by mid-, end- and next century in moderate, far-tail and extreme IPCC emissions scenarios, respectively. The next post updated a simple approach to the public using paper maps, which are both visually arresting and factually correct. Videos are also an effective way to convey complex scenarios by animating those maps, and setting them in regional and local contexts. They help illustrate the climate emergency.

This video by XR Cambridge Rebel Scientists, helped illustrate key points on sea level rise in Cambridge and the Fenlands of East Anglia. These came from assessing the changing environment for a social enterprise, to help fight isolation of elder and younger generations. Cottenham immediately north of Cambridge is the pilot situated at the Fen edge, which the Norfolk shoreline is purported to reach under sea level rise scenarios.

Here is the video:

Here are the headlines:
  • Cottenham
  • Cottenham Beach Party
  • Climate Affects us
  • It's here and now
  • Avoid Climate Doubt
  • Basic Models
  • Sea Level Rise Scenarios
  • Data from Open Sources
  • Maps Make Sense of Data
  • Start from now
    2050 0.5 m. SLR
    2100 2 m. SLR
    2200 6 m. SLR
  • Effect on us
    repeat time sequence maps
  • Villages North of Cambridge
    repeat time sequence maps
  • Effect on Parishes
    repeat time sequence maps
  • What it really means
  • Projections: a Framework for Discussion

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