Sunday, 26 April 2020

Coronavirus daily update - Part II

Update: see a follow-up post on how ONS data augment the NHSx death statistics ]

Daily updates brought you COVID-19 data for England in a dashboard that posted according to your desktop or mobile device (tablet coming soon). These statistics from NHSx show, however, only hospital data. It's been noted in the press that cases and especially deaths outside hospitals are not captured. ONS captures death data but not in a single dashboard like NHSx and two weeks behind.

Others like UK COVID-19 share more such stats - incl. est. recoveries PHE posted briefly - as do the media... occasionally with maps! Cambridgeshire Live posted East of England Cases and Deaths, respectively in yellow and red below:

Its live KML have been added at the bottom of the stack on our dashboard* here:

click to enlarge

*: any issues with the mnemonic link above? Try one of these! Mobiletablet or desktop.
More will be posted as it becomes available. Our aim is to find Parish-level data to augment our maps on climate change, in order to help link it to this pandemic.

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  1. Yes, but where do Cambridgeshire Live get their data from to produce the Google My Maps on the subject; who authors the granular data in the left-hand panel and will this also provide daa deaths in care homes showing their locacations?

    Date on deaths at home maybe more difficult to source but shouldn't be withheld save for the location of the prIvate properties wher deaths occur.

    Details of the age and any underlying medical conditions ought also to be provided, if for no other reason than to reassue prople they're not at risk for the same reason and to relive anxiety that could lead to mental illness.