Wednesday 19 August 2020

Coronavirus update - Part VIII

 Last update showed progress in Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK especially in higher geographic resolution: Ward down from County but not yet Postcode levels. In this ever-evolving scene however:

  • NHSx no longer posts death data in its legacy stream (scroll all the way to the bottom), 
  • and cases are no longer posted daily (check "Last updated" date at the very bottom)
Fortunately Office of National Statistics (ONS) death data had already been tapped as in Part III. So our dashboard below CamCOVIDinfo is still on offer... do keep coming back for weekly updates!

click to enlarge

Something interesting, however, can be seen in the transitioning graphs over the last week:
  • both NHSx cases and ONS deaths keep adjusting upward as numbers are compiled over time,
  • while deaths do flatten, the uptick in cases still persists, questioning current easement policies 

 Thin & thick arrows + red & orange colour scheme are resp. 10 & 18 Aug.
Solid are NHSx daily & cumulative cases scaled at left, and
 lines are ONS weekly and cumulative deaths scaled at right.

While a "second wave" may be an overstatement, that uptick is plain to see on the 16 Aug. NHSx website:

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