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Tuesday 21 September 2021

Sea Level Rise Maps #reloaded

[ Update 2: at bottom is the comprehensive water web map that followed this...

Update 1: near the end of the story map, see how you can style your own DEM tiles ]

 East Anglia Flood Defences Final showcased in a story map the entire flooding infrastructure framework for the region, both from rising sea levels and risk of flooding, complete w flood defence infrastructure.

Online discussions in the wake of the IPCC 2021 report broadened that scope back to an original posting almost two years ago Sea level rise models show ins&outs of climate change science. Here is that update expanding to England and NW Europe, wrapping in all the lessons learned along the way. 

Story Map

Web App

Having created for all of England a sea level rise map updated to IPCC2021, it's only natural to add infrastructure (major cities, roads and rivers) and risk of flooding data into a comprehensive Water Map of England. 

While East Anglia maps were all in British National Grid to match DEFRA and Ordnance Survey data, the map of England in this story map was posted in Equal Earth, introduced here  under Updates.

First I posted sea level rise map as detailed above. To that I added DEFRA risk of flooding WMS (web mapping service) to ensure we read their latest updates.

Then Equal Earth base didn't allow, however, to post the usual Esri base-maps in Web Mercator. But ArcGIS Online is so rich in contributions, that I found major cities, roads and river network.

Finally to share for wider public use the result of two years of effort, I posted a sea level rise synopsis to cite data sources, assumptions and conclusions to inform those less familiar with the topic:

Tech corner

I used blended overlay extensively to make this busy map more readable. One neat side-effect I hadn't read about, is that turning a blend mode will restrict the features to the area it's overlaying: in this case, for example the European river network appears only over the England area of elevation model!

click to enlarge

John Nelson showed how to cookie-cut areas, but I found this unnecessary here... Live and learn!

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