Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Return East Anglia Peatlands to being carbon sinks

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[ Update: added "Why we should all be obsessed with Peatlands. | Ireen van Dolderen | TEDxAUCollege" ]

No. 20! Isn't it fitting that chronicling East Anglia challenges & opportunities w.r.t. climate emergency - risk of flooding, sea level rise,  vulnerability indices and now pandemic - uncovered the greatest opportunity yet: returning local peatlands from carbon emitters to original carbon sinks could dwarf any individual effort to mitigate CO2 emissions, currently the major driver of climate change.

Following post #19 above on brand new Land cover to study East Anglia peatlands evolution, the story map "Fenlands Challenge" below outlines the history, current status and possible directions. Please note the abundant data and extensive work from Environment Agency's Natural England, sister branch to DEFRA whose abundant data were used until now. Together with lessons-learned, this framework was stood up in a couple of months, against a couple of years for flood risk and infrastructure!

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Stop presses! OpenCambridge hosted just ten days ago "A land drained, a nation fed: the Fens since 1600": could you not ask for a better primer on this region? My brief transcript below offers a humorous twist.

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  1. I've said time and again ad nauseum in recent SM posts joining up the dots from the past (i.e. by dredging up stale material) is easy (credit: Steve Jobs). The trick is to join up dots in the future to see what picture that paints, then respond with risk.