Monday 13 September 2021

'Emo' vs. 'Goth' map looks

Recently updated this story map Maps like 3D Prints: Emo or goth? A map tour of special effects - adding to existing Ice Mountain hillshade style (augmented with Misting - the Emo part), a Sunrise Hack (in fact more like sunset - the Goth part) - all John Nelson's on Esri Living Atlas Terrain layers.

Here is the same to DEFRA LIDAR Composite 2m DTM 2020 [thanks DEFRA for fixing the web link] for three pre-existing areas, with 'Emo' look at left and 'Goth' at right:

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Not sure why these don't post well as a web map, so here is the map package or pick up the instructions at the top of this post... 

Let us know what you think below, on twitter @azolnai or LinkedIn andrew-zolnai.

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