Tuesday 31 October 2023

Community Interest Company blog recap

As I move away from Cambridge to SW FR in my family home, I will also exit socials and rethink my online engagement, where I lost all my pensions! I have also moved my domain to a new provider, which preserves this blog, Mind the Map and My Year in Kuwait above, but loses the superseded web page and my email now on Yahoo. I do, however, stay engaged with my Community Interest Company Cambridgeshire.ai at right. See following post here.

The previous post mentioned transitioning from cottenham.info to cottenham.ai: the shift from addressing East Anglia rural isolation thru climate change and pandemic, toward more specifically engaging local community health services particularly in social prescribing; it is perhaps time to review the ground covered so far in three areas of Local Community Engagement. and COVID and GIS Maps & Stats:

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